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    • Group M CEO and Manager of WPP UK Karen Blackett spoke at Campaign’s Media360 conference this week. She raised the issue of diversity, doing enough to address it and her pet peeve of being everyone’s “one black friend”.
    • Homogenous teams lead to less lateral thinking- the end result may see campaigns failing to resonate with varied communities in our society. 


Key takeaways from the Oatly backlash?
    • Weeks after Oatly announces its $200M investment, they have been criticised for taking funds from Blackstone Group who allegedly fund Amazon deforestation and have donated $3.7M to Trump’s re-election campaign.

    • Oatly responded critcism directly on Twitter, respecting people’s concerns and replying directly to them.


Key takeaways
    • The Hummer’s rise to popularity came as a result of the appreciation of military culture, a rise in patriotism after US wars, cheap gas prices, as well as the love for “bigger and better” products
    • All these factors also lead to Hummer’s collapse years later, after the Iraq war lead to gas prices increasing, environmental concerns growing in the mainstream and the economic crash of 2007 – shedding light on the gravity cultural and contextual changes have on brands
    • In 2019, only 2.5% of the world’s passenger vehicles ran on electricity, according to Virta.


Key takeaways
    • Psychographics are more valuable than demographics, but understanding the taste and psyche of your individual audience members will serve you best in the long run. Taste profiles are powerful.
    • Recognise and nurture your community. Closed feedback loops between businesses and their audience are powerful.


Key takeaways


    • Covid-19 has fast tracked our adoption and reliance on video and live streaming content. Twitch offers the most reliable and engaging platform for it right now, and it’s not just for gamers
    • Twitch is diversifying. Music and sports are two of its most new and exciting verticals right now
    • Current music partnerships include record labels Anjunadeep, Anjunabeats and dance music forefathers Above & Beyond
    • Current sports partnerships include Premier League, NFL, NBA, and UFC and Formula 1 to date
    • There’s a huge opportunity for brands to work with Twitch.

What can brands learn from Oatly on brand growth?
    • Taking time to understand your target audience and identifying how to position your brand as part of their lifestyle is key.
    • Oatly relaunched to reach out to the “stealth health” community- people who transcend the niche group of vegan or plant-based consumers.