The Full Package

Team Collaboration Brand Strategy
If you want to purchase 2 or more of the downloadable resources, or if you require some 1-to-1 consultancy and advice then The Full Package is for you.
Get in touch, tell us what you need and we’ll hook you up 🙂

The Full Package provides the most value for founders and those working in small and medium sized businesses. You will receive 3 of your chosen documents from the Anthro repertoire for the price of £499, which would normally cost £597.

So it’s ideal if you’re at the beginning of your brand journey and looking to develop who you are, what you stand for, understand your target audience, prepare your elevator pitch or managing your reputation.

If you require 1-on-1 consultancy and advice you can chat with Sanya further and come up with a solution and pricing that works for you and your current situation. Prices start at £499 for these services.

Whether you need multiple documents from the Anthro repertoire, or 1-to-1 consultancy, ping us a message below!

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